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Follow the Light

by Noelani Love

Noelani offers a new exploration of voice and spirit in these original songs of transformation, from a year of love, travel and self empowerment. Noelani shares these modern day mantras to uplift + empower humanity on her latest EP album, released in Oct. 2018.


Lakshmi Lullabies Remixes

Mantras infused with dance beats to get you grooving.

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Lakshmi Lullabies

by Noelani Love

Inspired by chants from the Hawaiian and yogic traditions, Noelani Love’s debut album rebirths ancient mantras with an acoustic ukulele vibe that transport you to the beaches of Hawaii. These powerful mantras are meant to activate the healer within each of us and soothe the soul. Sing along, and feel the power of your own sacred resonance. Allow the sound healing experience of your own voice to become your medicine.

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about noelani Love

As a Native Hawaiian mother, jewelry designer, singer/songwriter, yoga teacher and ocean lover, Noelani creates to inspire.
Inspired and humbled by the beauty of nature and the strength of the human spirit, her intention is to share the message of love.

She began playing the ukulele as a new mother in 2008 as a new form of expression, and is enjoying the journey of rediscovering the power of voice. 

Noelani enjoys spending her free time surfing/swimming/freediving in the ocean, hiking in the forest,

cooking or fishing with her 10 year old son Aukai, playing music, writing in her journal and reading. 

Join Noelani at one of her offerings: international retreats, women's moon circles,

and sound healing ceremonies to discover the power of connection and your voice.

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